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Week Notes Vol 3

May 22, 2019

Trails are therapy. I used to use mountains as a way to escape from some things in my life and I have finally found that sweet spot between need and want for that. Nevertheless, when things get tough I get this crazy urge to go disconnect and be one with the outdoors. This coming weekend will be one epic adventure in Arizona if everything goes according to plans.



  • Making my way through week 3 of Getting Started with Go. I’m having serious flashbacks to some incredibly boring CS lectures about C# and Java. I would love to have a course not taught by a monotone dude to be honest.

Worthwhile to read:


Lessons learned

I am incredibly lucky to have large communities of people in different fields from tech to fiber arts to mountaineering. Not everyone is so lucky - and I dislike using that word here because it has nothing to do with luck. I spent an evening doing mock interviews and resume reviews during an event PDXWIT organized and it broke my heart to see so many talented people struggling because they did not have the network to point out a few things they could do differently to be successful. Or someone to point to to land that very first internship.

Katrin Valdre

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