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Week Notes Vol 33

December 22, 2019

Estonia is a land of contradictions - it’s so modern and European and at the same time so very much stuck in its old ways. We ventured out to the Open Air Museum today despite somewhat crappy weather. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. Most folks have this idea that because Estonia is so small it must be quite uniform - and the truth is quite far from it. The museum has houses people used to live in from all around the country - from the coastal regions to the orthodox houses by lake Peipus to the southern sauna-houses. We also managed to arrive when a local performance was put on after sunset using roofs as the screen to project these short movies on. We also met a mischevious goat, a super chill cat and ate tiny pancakes.


I’ve also been dragging J to all my favorite cake places - and cafe culture is really strong here - so I expect we’ll both go on a diet once we return to the states. However because of this cake adventure we’ve also been walking a lot and discovering places that I didn’t even knew existed. Take this handcraft store hidden in Kadriorg for example where I found items made by local retired ladies - this place is surrounded by regular buildings with barely any sign.

Craft store

Craft store

Craft store

Katrin Valdre

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