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Week Notes Vol 34

December 29, 2019

One of the benefits and pitfalls of Estonia is its size - I noticed a friend of mine shared on IG that she was on the way to Estonia for Christmas. I texted her just to find out that she was literally around the corner getting lunch. Last time I saw her we were all pretty tired after out epic Grand Canyon adventure. Post Grand Canyon

Here we are again 7 months later very far from Grand Canyon and our respective homes in the US. Needless to say there was some plotting happening for our 2020 adventures. Tutus are forever mandatory;) In Tallinn

I got to spend Christmas time this year with my family which by tradition means traditional Estonian meals of various kinds of meat, blood sausage, potatoes, jellied meat, fish, potato salad, pickled vegetables and copious amounts of alcohol. In my opinion the best item though is oven potatoes made by my aunt Milvi. Oven potatoes

When it comes to Christmas time most people refer to the Christmas market in Tallinn as the best there is. I myself prefer the one in Tartu - it’s less tourist oriented and more cozy. This year it featured a beaker christmas tree by local science lab, a building filled with chicken of various types, Estonian cartoons, multiple places to source glogg (both with and without alcohol), swings, horse rides, bales of hay to play in and daily activities. Christmas time in Tartu


Katrin Valdre

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