Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 35

January 05, 2020

Five days and four countries in 2020 so far (Estonia, Latvia, Denmark and Netherlands). Numerous new experiences as well:

  • getting pulled over on the 1st in Estonia. Unlike in the US they dont make you walk, they just measure breath alcohol content.
  • losing my knitting needles at the airport in Riga
  • discovering de Afstap in Amsterdam - a lovely yarn store where you can go back in time and discover Rowan sweaters and shawls sold as kits. Lots of older knitting books/magazines and needlepoint as well. I highly recommmend this place over (Stephen & Penelope)[https://www.stephenandpenelope.com/en/]
  • I took a sourdough bread class at Baking Lab with some friends on Friday and it was a blast. We made bread, pita and whole pizzas ot of leftover dough. There was wine and good company. What else does one need on a rainy Friday night?

Amsterdam canals

It’s been a good change in pace the last week, having time to think and reflect, to read and just be present. Part of me misses the rat race in the US, the other wonders about slower pace in Europe. It feels like more gets done here, with intent.


Katrin Valdre

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