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Week Notes Vol 36

January 12, 2020

When I agreed to take on a failing project at work in 2019 I had no idea what it would expand into. Coming from a background of Drupal and backend development, data and analytics was only a small fraction of it. These days I live and breathe data in its various forms. It’s been exciting and challenging and in retrospect a huge political battle in an organization that historically does not like to look at its data as one cohesive master plan.

Needless to say I have learned a lot and my spreadsheeting/planning/plotting tendencies have served me well. I also approached my month in Europe as data gathering excercise. I always like to travel light but this time I made a point of noting which clothes I brought with me and what I actually wore. I knew in advance that there would be a lot of walking in cold and wet, some events that required dressing up and that I would have access to a washing machine most of the time. Turns out I brought too many clothes with me! These are the clothes I brought for four weeks in Europe in the winter:

  • three dresses
  • one blazer
  • three sweaters
  • two pairs of pants
  • three short sleeve shirts
  • three long sleeve shrirts
  • two dress shirts

In the end I ended up not wearing one of the dresses, the blazer and one of the shirt dresses. I was glad I brought a sweater dress because it was comfortable on the plane over and during long car rides. Most people would probably look at this list and say that’s not enough clothes for four cold weeks in Europe but I disagree - the secret is bringing clothes you can mix and layer.


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