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Week Notes Vol 41

February 15, 2020

Yay for upcoming the SameSite week! Starting on Monday, Feb 17, Chrome Version 80 will introduce a policy in which:

  • Cookies without a SameSite attribute specified will be assumed to be SameSite=lax
  • Cookies with SameSite=none attribute and without the Secure attribute will not be allowed

On the surface seems like a minor change - for digital analytics and marketing the ramifications are significant. The change was announced last year giving developers plenty of time to adjust. So far I’ve seen major players like Tealium, Optimizely, Google itself (partially) etc adjusting to this change but last week when I ran a report for my own properties there were numerous providers out there still behaving like it’s 1999. Considering Chrome has approx 64% of the browser market it will be interesting weeks ahead.


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