Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 42

February 23, 2020

There’s something extremely comforting about going off grid for a while. This morning I got up early, loaded up my car and ventured out to hike close to 11 miles that was mostly downpour and sideways wind. There was a total of nine of us, waterproofed in various ways. My friend Sarah is a strong believer in not having a rain cover for her backpack. Another lady sported a rain poncho on top of her pack. There was another with her pack wrapped in a giant black garabage bag. I had kept my water and windproof mountaineering pants in my bag from the last snow adventure and boy was I glad I did - gortex for top and bottom combined with mountaineering boots meant that I was a little cold at times because my gloves kept on getting wet but I was dry after all this time outside. We did get a break in the weather topped off with a double rainbox right before the last two miles and more wetness falling on us. Would I rather have stayed at home and watched Netflix? Doubtful. I spend enough time in front of screens as it is.

In about six months I’m heading to Italy to hike around the Dolomites for 10 days and I cannot wait. There is some internet out there but I’m mostly planning to go offline for this time period. I’m definitely looking forward to a long stretch on disconnected time to reflect and make plans for the future.


Katrin Valdre

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