Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 48

April 04, 2020

Week three of lockdown and while some aspects are much easier others sprout like weeds in the sping. There was one morning when I woke up with immense dread since I had had a dream about my childhood which brought back the feeling of danger outside. I was just a kid when Chernobyl happened yet my body remembers somehow what it felt like back then being cooped up inside, unable to go and play outside with my friends like we normally would.

In middle school our local bus driver was one of my distant uncles who died shortly after - I did not click quite for me that he had died of all the various forms of cancer he had returned home with after being shipped out to clean up Chernobyl. It’s days like these when horrible jokes about communist or soviet regime really rub me the wrong way.


Katrin Valdre

Written by Katrin Valdre who has a permanent address in Portland, OR but does not believe in one physical location. You should follow her on Twitter