Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 49

April 12, 2020

Week four of not being able to hike or really get outside and it’s harder by day to find poitivity in all of this. Thankfully it’s lambing season at Oak Knoll providing daily stream of cuteness. It too comes with its own losses - normally I’d try to be up on the island with Sarah and kids but they are in the middle of lockdown as well. Part of me wishes we’d had gone through with our plan and stayed there through this - at least there’s plenty of farmland to get outside without seeing another human being and being worried about human population density. For the first time ever I’m wishing I lived in a house and not a condo…

Meanwhile I am choosing to focus on things I DO have control over - this weekend was a marathon sewing session making more masks and finishing up a project that started in Finland almost two years ago. I also have one completed sweater for me and a brand new hat design in the making.

How do I know these are some extraordinary times? I have not published any knitting patterns for a decade yet someone bought all of the Friends of the Forest series the other day on Ravelry. Go figure?


Katrin Valdre

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