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Week Notes Vol 5

June 05, 2019

It’s an amazing feeling when you finally accomplish something. I set up a goal back in April 2018 and chipped away at it until all of the steps were completed. There are actual studies to show that visualizing goals can change the outcomes. It doesn’t really matter if the goal has to do with finances (like mine), future career aspirations or something else - jotting it all down in a way that is relatable for you is the key to success. Set realistic, specific goals and outline steps to get there. Coming up with a plan that is too agressive means you are setting yourself up for failure. There are even websites for coloring charts if your goal is related to finances.

Completed goal

However no matter what your goal is make sure your goal is S.M.A.R.T:

  • Specific – if your goals aren’t specific you won’t focus on exactly what you need to do.
  • Measurable – without measuring your progress, you might lose interest.
  • Achievable – you can’t expect to go from broke to millionaire overnight. Make sure your goals are realistic.
  • Relevant – make sure the goal will help you reach X. If it doesn’t, scrap it.
  • Time-bound – set milestones to check in at specified intervals; know when you want to meet the goal



  • Picked a course that’s totally new to me on Coursera to see what it is all about - Data Science. I figure I either love it and will complete all the courses for a certificate or drop the course when it ecomes too much of a hassle.

Worthwhile to read:

Lessons learned

  • As someone who grew up poor (and no, I don’t mean broke) it’s always been a dream of mine to get to the point where I don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. I’m not going to lie - not having a safety net from an early age did not do me any favors there either. It has taken a long time to unlearn bad habits around money and relationships based on money. However there is a way (if you choose to commit to it) to not feel like you are going to be poor forever. It takes guts and sacrifices but it is doable. Finally getting to the point where there is no debt feels amazing!
  • Tell the important people in your life about your goals. It keeps you accountable to both yourself and to them. And when you accomplish your goals, they will celebrate your success with you;) I used this for getting a degree, completing work projects, financial goals, personal development - you name it. In the end, surrounding yourself with people who believe in you, cheer you on and keep you accountable is all that matters.

Katrin Valdre

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