Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 50

April 19, 2020

There definitely are positive sides of the 2020 quarantine - my reading list is 10 books ahead, I am finally mending clothing items that have been sitting for years waiting for some kind of fix. At the rate I am going there won’t be much left for make or mend month in May.

I heard from a knitting friend and she has finished test knitting a pair of fingerless mittens that have been lingering in my to-be-published queue since 2013; finished a brand new fair isle hat and ordered some extra Lopi to make a sweater for myself. Thankfully my yarn stash is not running out any time soon. The state of my fabric stash is pitiful though - I got rid of most of it before the move leaving me with some quilting cotton that has now been turned into masks, enough fabric for a dress (I am making Fen) and some Liberty of London.

In order to get my outdoors fix I’ve been watching short movies about outdoors and plotting for backpacking trips once national parks open up again. The itch to go hike PCT or JM has never been worse!


Katrin Valdre

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