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Week Notes Vol 51

April 26, 2020

The topic of managing well has been on my mind a lot the fast few weeks. Here are some snippets from the book I just finished:

Your job, as a manager, is to get better outcomes from a group of people working together.

Only when you have built trust with your reports will you have the credibility to help them achieve more together.

There is a certain archetype of the brilliant lone wolf who, though he regularly puts others down, manages to come out the hero because he is simply heads and tails more capable than anyone else.

Instead of a multiplier effect, you get a divider effect: the presence of this person makes the rest of your team less effective.

To have a high-functioning team, people need to work well with one another, so you need to find ways to nurture empathy, create trust, and encourage collaboration.

When we all understand each other a little better as human beings—when we’ve invested time to learn about our colleagues’ values, hobbies, families, life stories, etc.—then working together also becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Prioritizing diversity means that you actively seek out candidates who offer something different. It means not just promoting from within but also hiring from the outside. And it means recognizing that every single person, you and me included, comes with his or her own bag of beliefs that should be challenged by others. The power of diversity helps our team avoid biases, make better decisions, and think more creatively.

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.

The itch to get outside, to hit a trail and forget everything for miles on end is strong. No people, no walls, no electronics. Just you and your mind wondering down a path that leads to uncertainty.

We picked up a brunch box from Bar King on Sunday and had ourselves a tiny outdoor picnic. It felt food to be out but at the same time stressulf since we were still in the city. At least the weather has been nice and providing some epic sunsets:

Portland sunset

Portland sunset with Mt Hood


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