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Week Notes Vol 52

May 03, 2020

I made it! Full 52 weeks of keeping notes on life, work, learning new skills and navigating around boulders and pebbles in life.

Not going to lie - this week was rough. It’s one thing to hear about COVID-19 layoffs and another altogether to have to survive through it. It’s a challenge no matter if you lose your job, are lucky enough to survive the cut or are the one doing the cutting. There are no winners in this. In addition being in a role where you can never be certain how long your team has funding for makes it difficult to make long term plans. You are the plan. The one person who is likely to stick around to complete the project with others showing up to guest star in the show.

However there were moments of lightness - like getting together for our Thursday night javascript study group (let’s be honest it’s more management and work relationships venting hour) after having to cancel it for weeks because of scheduling and lack of spoons by end of the day.

If you ever want to know what’s on engineers’ mind play a few rounds of Quiplash: Quiplash

On Sunday I went on a hike in a remote location making sure I had enough gas to get there + back without stopping in any of the rural towns I passed by. Close to 12 miles of nature was very much what I needed to get perspective again.

Open spaces for miles


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