Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 54

May 17, 2020

Work from home forever? This week Twitter announced that they will be remote from now one. One can only wonder how many companies will follow their lead. My hope is that most employers will try to adjust to be remote first rather than pre-quarantine in-office first approach. I have been remote for over 4 years now and I cannot imagine going back - the commute, the clothing, the extra time wasted I could have been productive.

However there are businesses that will function better being back in the office where explaining one little thing does not have to be a meeting. I wish the best for those as they will have to make adjustments to comply with social distancing rules.


Katrin Valdre

Written by Katrin Valdre who has a permanent address in Portland, OR but does not believe in one physical location. You should follow her on Twitter