Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 59

June 21, 2020

As I get older I’ve discovered that the best things in life are free (or nearly free). I gifted myself a day off work for my birthday to finally hike all 30 miles of Wildwood in a single day. Thankfully it was not too crowded mid-week (being extremely muddy helped in that regard) and I got a solid 10 mile stretch of solitude in the middle.

Another free discovery this week - 2020 CX report by John Maeda. It’s definitely worth the 122 minutes of video. I first heard of John Maeda almost two decades ago when I stumbled upon Maeda @ Media. How To Speak Machine: Computational Thinking For The Rest Of Us has been queued up for reading and hopefully available through my local library soon. There are summary snippets on the website but find some time to get through the video. And then the slides once more. If nothing, the takeway should be this:

Collaboration is better than just cooperation.

I’ve been thinking of team dynamics a lot in the past months, especially as we adjust teams due to COVID-19. How do you build a team that works well together? How do you build a team that excels? How do you make each team member an equal stakeholder, keep egos at bay and upper management satisfied? How does one balance meaningful work and grunt work that simple needs to get done?


Katrin Valdre

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