Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 61

July 05, 2020

I have lost count how many weeks into COVID we are at this point - it seems like the last 4 months will stretch into years. Looking at daily new cases numbers in United States it’s hard to see light at the end of this tunnel. Yet some of us keep on trying by wearing masks and isolating while others pretend it’s business as usual. “Mask it or casket” seems very appropriate tag line half way into 2020.

So we try. And try. And try and fail. This is pretty much the story of my running shoes in 2020. I’m on my third pair (Saucony Peregrine ISO)and although they seemed fine at first turns out that 30 miles in one go is too much and causes massive lower heel blisters. I’m hoping HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR 5 Trail is the pair that will finally deliver me the cushion, traction and comfort.

I’m encountering the same challenges as I’m working through Me and White Supremacy with my study group. I’m challenged to re-evaluate my perception of life as I know it and re-consider my behavior and words from the context of white supremacy, fragility and superiority. In many ways it’s like patting yourself on the back for covering more miles in one go than ever before only to discover that you’ve totally covered your feet in blisters in the process.

There’s a number of articles I came across this week that are worth reading:


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