Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 64

July 26, 2020

I had a catch up discussion yesterday on a hike and while it was totally normal and expected there was something that struck out as something as I had never considered before - some people do inflate their spending as their income increases. I had always known lifestyle inflation existed yet it had never occurred to me that I might actually know one of those people. Hanging out with the outdoorsy types we are doomed to spend money on gear but most of them are what I call “REI dividend spend time” or “if it isn’t busted, duck tape it” folks. It’s also a path where one time monetary purchase provides almost endless experiences and those experiences make us happeir than material posessions. Here’s an example - I was gifted a hammock for my birthday a few years ago. While the cost of hammock plus straps is ~ 100 bucks it has allowed me to chill out on countless hikes, read, nap, provide entertainment for others.

Perhaps I am more aware of this after falling down the tech lead rabbit hole. I honestly cannot tell if this guy is for real or joking. If he is joking, what kind of bubble is he living in?

Dehumanization of others is still unfortunately running rampant. Why else would a congresswoman need to make this speach in public?


Katrin Valdre

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