Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 65

August 02, 2020

The other day I found myself deep down the rabbit hole of custom clothing tags. I’ve intentionally slowed down lately - some of it is caused by job stress, some of it by the fact that by now the reality is that COVID will be the new normal for a while. So I take my time picking out presents for people, creating plans for the future, making clothes by hand. I find joy in small things that perhaps before 2020 seemed too small to notice. Danes have a good description for such way of living - hygge - and it seems very appropriate this year.

It also has made me think, really think, about what are those things that really matter in my life. I know, I am very lucky to have that option to make such assumptions and plans. The reality is that my material needs are few, my needs for my family trump most of it and I’d rather work on something I really believe in or am interested about. I wrapped up my Coursera course on the science of well-being this week and while it did deliver some interesting scientific sources it only solidified what I had already believed in. To sum it up - do things that make you satisfied and challenge you (not those that bring in the most money) with people (human connection matters) while getting enough sleep and taking care of your body and mind. Seems pretty straightforward, huh?


Katrin Valdre

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