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Week Notes Vol 66

August 08, 2020

For the past two years I’ve made a concious habit of booking myself a lunch hour. Without it my schedule kept on becoming unmanageable and I was perhaps not the nicest person (hangry is a real state). I also function much better if I get a run or music lesson in during my lunch break.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I have been following Lara Hogan’s advice on managing one’s calendar for a while. Unlike hers mine goes something like this:

  • Monday through Thursday - standup in the am
  • Monday and Wednesday am - MoM (Meeting of Minds for five development teams) to discuss higher level goals, obstacles and work in progress
  • Tuesday - 1:1s with my team, weekly update with all developers
  • Wednesday - weekly catch up with data PM
  • Thursday afternoon - prep for Friday status meeting
  • Friday - larger department meeting followed with weekly retro with my team and status meeting with my manager in the afternoon. About once a month I’ll end Friday with happy hour for my team/Jackbox games.

As I’ve been looking at my calendar to carve out solid chunks of time free of meetings I also realized that this is not the first time where I have made myself a daily schedule. I distinctly remember being 13-14 years old and making one in order to get all my homework, extra activities plus chores handled. There’s some comfort in knowing what your upcoming week looks like - especially when you know that your work load is about to increase for a while. I definitely remember acing that biology exam that initially was the source of scheduling.


Katrin Valdre

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