Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 67

August 16, 2020

August is one of my least favorite months of the year. It used to signify end of summer vacation and time to settle back into school routine on September, 1st. These days living in the US it means extreme temperatures often spiking above 100F (38C) which I find untorelable. Nevertheless, Sundays are my designated hiking days in order to maintain my sanity. Once again there’s a study to show correlation between spending time in the nature and one’s well being:

Many studies have noted nature’s ability to reduce rumination, a risk factor for mental illness. Spending time in nature has been linked with increased self-esteem, quality of life, and physical activity as well as lower body mass index. In this sense, nature itself is beneficial.

Good old Wy’east was out in all her glory, I was hiking with my #corona-quarantine-crew and there were minimal number of people on the trail. Sometimes you have to be a little uncomfortable to achieve what you are searching for.

WyEast from east


Katrin Valdre

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