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Week Notes Vol 8

June 27, 2019

Vacation autoreply - check. Slack OOO status - check. Updated team calendar - check. Signed out of Slack and work email on my phone - check. Past few weeks have been an excercise in drinking from the firehose to learn a totally new skill in an environment that takes no breaks and has very minimal margin for error. I’d like to think I did the best I could with the time I had but at the same time I worry what is going to happen to the project while I take my two week vacation. One thing is sure - I won’t be checking in on it while I am on PTO.


I am currently a little behind on my 2019 reading goal so perhaps vacation helps to get some book time in. I picked up a few lighter ones as well


  • Went camping with my fellow Portland Estonians to celebrate my birthday and Midsummer in Olympic National Park. I have no clue how I haven’t ventured out that way in my 14 years in the states! This place is truly amazing. To get a taste, go hike Huricane Ridge. I’ll definitely be back for some hiking and backpacking.

Lunch overlooking Olympic NP

Worthwhile to read:

Lessons learned

  • Hammocks function as both cozy spot to hang out and read a book or drink your morning coffee but also makeshift swings and source of entertainment for kids.
  • Olympic National Park is full of hidden gems to be discovered
  • It is not actually that expensive to build a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere - someting that is prefab, can be erected with minor foundation work (assuming you don’t care about things like electricity and running water)

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