June 2015

After a total of 15 years of college (on and off, mostly off) I finally graduated with a BA in Social Science from Portland State. Social Science is a degree you end up with then you cannot afford to quit your day job and take classes during the day like all the regular students at PSU.

Saddle Mountain - 05/09/2015

First time on Saddle Mountain - I wish someone would set up a water/coffee/ice cream cart in the parking lot.

Lunch view
Hiking companions

2015 - the year of hikes?

I have great plans for 2015 but we shall see how it works out. These include Saddle Mountain, Oregon Coast Trail, Cape Lookout, Fort to Sea Trail, Drift Creek, Munson Creek Falls, Kings-Elk Mountains loop, Silver Falls, Cape Horn to name a few.

Dalles Mountain Ranch
Hamilton Mountain
Hamilton Mountain
Horsetail-Oneonta Waterfalls Loop
Dog Mountain


Lola came into our lives in early May soon after Cricket left with her furever family. When I picked Lola up for transport she was on the brink of a meltdown and as we soon learned she's afraid of everything that is beyond her limited comfort zone. She is a total doll though as long as she's inside the home.


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