2015 in Review

 There's a few things I'll remember about 2015.

So. Cold!

Tulehoidjad (Torch Bearers)

My regular Sunday night crew - cannot believe it has been almost a year. All because I found a copy of Tammsaare at the Christmas bazaar last year and had a chat with Janne and Liina about Estonian books.

This is how it began in 2014
Tulehoidjad at Scan Fair 2015

Silver Star Mountain - 10/18/2015

Silver Star mountain is definitely for those of faint of heart. It is not the 5.5 mile hike itself which I would call pretty walk in the park compared to Dog Mountain, Hamilton or Table Mountain. However the road to the trailhead is in very bad condition; I would not suggest attempting this without a truck or SUV.

Tulehoidjad 65

Last Saturday we had a party at the Latvian church here in Portland to celebrate our group's 65th anniversary. There was food, singing and dancing. When I got home way past my regular bed time my muscles were quite sore after all those polkas;)

Current and former folk dancers


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