Lola came into our lives in early May soon after Cricket left with her furever family. When I picked Lola up for transport she was on the brink of a meltdown and as we soon learned she's afraid of everything that is beyond her limited comfort zone. She is a total doll though as long as she's inside the home.


It only took two weeks after Dallas left that a new foster arrived. Although I have to admit it seemed longer than that - I like having a dog around.


There are usually at least a few things one needs to be complacent - for me these three are friends, yarn and dogs. Meet Dallas, my first rescue dog through Northwest Boxer Rescue. I picked him up on my way back from Madrona and had the pleasure of taking care of him for two weeks before he got adopted.

2013 in review

 2013 was not the greatest nor the worst year. The overarching theme however was restlessness - both at work and otherwise. If I have learned anything from 2013 then it's perhaps the fact that I do not know how to run at mediocre speed. I like to and need to be busy or completely free to do as I please.


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